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The annual budget is the financial plan for the operation of the school system.  All financial processes begin with the passing of the fiscal year budget.  The budget provides the framework for both expenditures and revenues for the year.  It translates educational programs and priorities for the district into financial terms.  The budget runs on a fiscal period of July 1 to June 30.

The District will express its financial plan through two types of budgets, the operating budget and the capital budget.

Operating Budget - a budget for the provision of annual resources

Capital Budget - a budget for the provision of necessary sites, buildings, major improvements and equipment

For more information about budgets, contact a member of our team:

Jennifer Hamblin, Director of Budget and Procurement, (843) 322-5928

Louis Ackerman, Coordinator of Capital Projects, (843) 322-2336

Katie Abar, Budget Analyst, (843) 322-2337