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ADEPT Teacher Evaluation & Support

Expanded ADEPT is the SC Department of Education’s system for teacher support and evaluation.

Expanded ADEPT is really the umbrella term for the levels of teacher support and evaluation process types that occur for teachers at all contract levels throughout the span of their careers.

SC has 3 contract levels: Induction, Annual, and Continuing. Your level is indicated on the employment contract you signed for this coming school year.

Certified Personnel ADEPT Evaluation Process

ADEPT chart


**Induction Support - a novice teacher may be assigned up to 3 years of Induction. Those of you who have been issued an Induction contract will participate in the district’s Induction program. Within this program, you will be assigned a district mentor, and a building mentor. You will be evaluated formatively through your school.

Overview of ADEPT Process

Overview of ADEPT process_spring2021


Download a PDF of the ADEPT Process Overview.

SCTS 4.0 Evaluations

The SCTS 4.0 evaluations are structured within 4 broad domains which are specific to their teaching discipline (i.e. classroom teachers, speech-language professionals, school counselors or school librarians). Underneath each domain are the critical elements of teacher performance, known as "indicators," or performance expectations which teachers are expected to demonstrate in their daily practice.

SCTS 4.0 Rubric

Visit the South Carolina Teaching Standards 4.0 Rubric for Classroom-Based Teachers.

ADEPT for Special Areas: Speech-Language Professionals, School Counselors and School Librarians

Major revisions to the ADEPT for Special Areas evaluation models were approved by the State Board of Education. Learn more about them by visiting the SCDOE website.


Beaufort County School District believes in supporting teachers. Within each school building, you will find a variety of support personnel, including: instructional coaches, liaisons, mentors, RTI Coordinators, school psychologists, nurses, ESOL teachers, bookkeepers, data specialists, media personnel, social workers, behavior interventionists, technology coaches and school counselors.