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2023 Bond Referendum

2023 BCSD Bond Referendum Post Card


The goals of the 2023 BCSD Bond Referendum are to address academic needs, improve school safety, and address population growth through the addition, rebuilding, and replacing of aging facilities and the expansion of Career and Technical Education (CTE) spaces to address academic needs. The CPRC 2.0 (Community Project Review Committee) members dedicated over 900 hours visiting schools and consulting with experts to create a prioritized district-wide projects list.

The $439 million investment will continue the work initiated by the 2019 referendum, allowing us to address crucial needs without requiring a tax increase.

The BCSD will be holding referendum information sessions that will be posted to this website.

As part of the 2019 referendum, Dr. Rodriguez established a Citizen Led Oversight Committee (CLOC), an independent group of volunteers who monitor all referendum building projects, schedules, budgets, and expenditures. Should the 2023 referendum be approved, CLOC will continue serving as an independent watchdog by monitoring projects and spending and then reporting directly to the public and the Board of Education.

Referendum projects


Download the 2023 Referendum Project Information Sheets

View the 2023 Bond Referendum Projects

Rendering of HHIHS
construction at a district school
young girls playing with a colorful abacus
two students pointing on their devices
orange basketball rim
male teens looking at a car's engine
IT equipement
stainless steel kitchen appliances in a school kitchen
rows of aluminum-covered hvac equipement
bench seating in a cafeteria
men operating a black-top paving truck
metal boxes holding safety equipment