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Bond Referendum Projects

In 2019, Beaufort County voters’ approval of the school district’s $344 million bond referendum – the largest bond referendum in the district’s history – was a dramatic demonstration of support for our 22,000 students and the bright futures we aim for them to achieve.

Individual referendum projects, spread out over a four- to-five-year period ending in 2024 or 2025, can be found on the Citizen-Led Oversight Committee (CLOC) webpage. CLOC is an independent group of volunteers who monitor all referendum building projects, schedules, budgets and expenditures and provide quarterly reports to the Board of Education. All referendum projects listed by schools including referendum project-related reports and pictures can be found on their page.

On behalf of the district, I want to thank our community for approving this historic bond referendum aimed at improving school safety, renovating facilities and adding classroom space to address enrollment growth. 

Dr. Frank Rodriguez, Superintendent

The real work of the referendum has begun. We encourage parents and community members to track the progress of each referendum project by viewing the reports online. Referendum project reports are updated monthly and can also be downloaded as PDFs.