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Profile of a Beaufort County School District Graduate

Beaufort County School District


As per the BCSD Board of Education, the Profile of the Beaufort County Graduate is being developed to engage our students in an understanding of the special characteristics of the Lowcountry.

Units of instruction align to the South Carolina Department of Education standards.

  • Global Citizenship examines aspects of interdisciplinary life skills, changes over the course of development impacting where we live, and the evolution of rights and laws that govern us.
  • Historical Knowledge covers the history of peoples who explored, settled, and live in Beaufort County, as well as the military presence in the community.
  • Financial Literacy correlates with economic opportunities in our coastal region while also supporting the State’s focus on personal finance.
  • Eco Literacy provides an understanding of the ecology and climate of the Lowcountry and how this impacts daily life for the citizens of Beaufort County.