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District continues forward momentum toward post-pandemic academic recovery

Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2023

BEAUFORT – The South Carolina Department of Education released statewide public school results for the End-of-Course Examination Program (EOCEP) assessment taken for high school courses in school year 2022-23. Beaufort County School District (BCSD) results continue to be on trajectory toward post-pandemic academic recovery.  

South Carolina students have seen marked gains in ELA compared with pre-pandemic data and continue to struggle with Math.

Ellen Weaver, State Superintendent of Education

The End-of-Course Examination Program provides tests in high school core courses and for courses taken in middle school for high school credit. The EOCEP tests the following academic subject areas: Algebra 1; English 2; US History and the Constitution; and Biology 1. The EOCEP ensures instruction in the specific academic standards for the courses, hones in on student achievement, and reports the level of students’ mastery of South Carolina’s academic standards. Additionally, EOCEP examination scores count 20 percent in the calculation of the student’s final grade in core courses.

Showing the highest post-pandemic EOCEP scores, BCSD improved in all subject areas in comparison to previous years while also outperforming the state.

“We are moving the trajectory forward,” said Chief Instructional Services Officer, Dr. Mary Stratos. “Many of our exceptional educators are really hitting the mark.” 

BCSD also had the highest English scores in the district’s history and a 98 percent middle school passing rate for Algebra 1.

Statewide, “South Carolina students have seen marked gains in ELA compared with pre-pandemic data and continue to struggle with Math,” said Ellen Weaver, State Superintendent of Education.

“Although our EOCEP scores have increased in all subjects, we have always said that academic recovery from the pandemic will be a multi-year process,” said BCSD Superintendent Frank Rodriguez. “Fortunately, we are continuing our forward momentum with many thanks to the dedication of our staff, community partners, and parents.”

State, School District, and School Level Data for EOCEP can be accessed by visiting EOCEP assessment data.