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Dual Enrollment Program

According to the Uniform Grading Policy, dual credit courses—whether they are taken at the school where the student is enrolled or at a postsecondary institution—are those courses for which the student has been granted permission by his or her home school to earn both high school units of credit and college credit. One quality point may be added to the CP weighting for dual credit courses that are applicable to baccalaureate degrees, associate degrees, or certification programs that lead to an industry credential offered by accredited institutions per established district articulation agreements (see SC UGP, SBE Regulation 43-234, Defined Program, Grades 9–12, and Regulation 43-259, Graduation Requirements).

Beaufort County School District has established a policy allowing qualifying students to take college courses for units of credit toward the high school diploma offered by an institution of higher education through a cooperative agreement. S.C. State Regulation requirements are as follows:

  • A three-semester hour college course transfers as one Carnegie unit of credit.
  • Students enrolled in BCSD dual enrollment courses may take only courses that are applicable to baccalaureate degrees or to associate degrees offered by accredited institutions.
  • Tuition costs and any other fees are the responsibility of the student/parent if BCSD Dual Enrollment tuition requirements/criteria are not met.

Beaufort County School District has established a cooperative agreement with the following institutions; Technical College of the Lowcountry (TCL), University South Carolina (USC) and University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB).

CTE Certificates

The Beaufort County School District and the Technical College of the Lowcountry are expanding dual enrollment opportunities for high school students who desire training in one or more specialized technical career programs. Career & Technical Education (CTE) Careers Certificates can provide students with the opportunity to enter the workforce in fewer than two years. This alignment between high school and the technical college career pathways also allows students opportunities to earn stackable credentials such as certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees.

Beaufort County School District Eligibility Requirements

  • S.C. Commission of Higher Education requires for transferability purposes that students must have at least a 3.0 grade point average, unweighted, (on a 4.0 scale) based on the previous semester and as noted on the most current transcript to be considered for acceptance into dual enrollment classes in Beaufort County School District.
  • Students must meet eligibility requirements on the ACCUPLACER, SAT or ACT in keeping with the BCSD Registration deadline. A copy of the qualifying test scores will be maintained in the student’s record (A9).
  • Recommendation by the school counselor.
  • Students’ parental consent to participate in the dual enrollment program.
  • Approval of high school principal.
  • The school principal has the authority to withdraw a student from the dual enrollment program at any time based on poor academic performance, attendance and/ or behavior.

What are the requirements and procedures for a BCSD student to Drop or Withdraw from a dual enrollment class?

The student is required to talk with their high school counselor before dropping or withdrawing from a course. The school counselor will also contact the parent/guardian prior to any drop or withdrawal from any course. The school principal has the authority to withdraw a student from the dual enrollment program at any time based on poor academic performance, attendance and/ or behavior.

Students who swap or drop a dual enrollment course at TCL must do so prior to the TCL authorized date for each semester. A grade of W (not WP or WF), awarded to students that drop prior to the published mid-term date will be interpreted and recorded on the BCSD transcript as a WP. A grade of W, awarded to students that drop after the published mid-term date, will be interpreted and recorded on the BCSD transcript as a 50. The student/ parent will be responsible for all fees for courses dropped after the swap/ drop date.

If the student drops or withdraws from a class leaving only one active class, the student/ parent is responsible for all tuition and fees for both classes (including textbooks) originally paid by the school district at the time of registration.

Dual Credit for Graduation Requirements Matrix

Dual credit for high school graduation requirements is limited to those college courses approved for transfer between South Carolina accredited, public, post-secondary institutions. Dual enrollment agreements exist between post-secondary institutions as approved by Beaufort County School District (BCSD) annually. The most current list of approved courses may be found on the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education website.

The expanded dual enrollment policy allows specific, comparable general education courses, and/or other courses leading to a two-year or certificate degree offered at post-secondary institutions to fulfill high school graduation requirements. Courses requiring an SC Department of Education SDE end-of-course exam will not be considered for dual enrollment. The course U.S. History and the Constitution is the exception to this criterion, however, students will be required to take the EOC exam for U.S. History after completing the post-secondary institution's courses.

Grading and Dual Enrollment Courses

Students taking dual credit courses are building two transcripts: the institution of higher education (IHE) transcript and the high school transcript. For example, if a student receives a final numeric grade of 92 in a dual credit course, the final numerical average should be transcribed on the high school transcript and correlated to the high school GPA quality points associated with that numerical average. The IHE GPA quality points for the college transcript may be different for the same numerical grade in the course when the IHE rules regarding quality points on the college transcript differ. (Guidelines: South Carolina Uniform Grading Policy).

If a student enrolls in college courses without prior approval from the principal, the course grades will not be entered on his/her high school transcript.


School Counselors will register dual enrollment students into the course required for graduation with a modified course activity code.