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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Pathway: Engineering (CIP Code: 140101)

The application of science and mathematics by which the properties of matter and

sources of energy in nature are made useful to people. Various levels of occupations utilize engineering principals to perform work in designing, constructing, and testing.

Course 1: PLTW Intro to Engineering Design*
Course 2: PLTW Principles of Engineering I*
Course 3: PLTW Computer Integrated Mfg, PLTW Civil Engineering & Architecture, PLTW Digital Electronics; and/or PLTW Computer Sciences
Course 4: PLTW Engineering Design & Development

Industry Certification: OSHA 10 Hour Certification; Autocad I

Pathway: Aviation/Aerospace Engineering Technology (CIP Code: 150801)

Introduction to the aviation industry with emphasis on aircraft construction and design, theory of flight, and simple machines.

Course 1: Fundamentals of Aerospace Technology*
Course 2: Advanced Aerospace Technology*
Course 3: Aeronautics Engineering Applications
Course 4: Astronautics Engineering Applications

Industry Certification: OSHA 10 Hour Certification; Drone Pilot’s Certification