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Student achievement begins with understanding the conditions, successes, and challenges of each school within our district.


To qualify for a state high school diploma, a student must earn a minimum of 24 Carnegie units of credit in state-approved courses distributed as follows:

  • English Language Arts (must include English 2) 4.0
  • Mathematics (must include Algebra 1) 4.0 
  • Science (must include Biology 1) 3.0
  • Social Studies 3.0
    • Must include US History/Constitution (1.0)
    • Must include Economics (.5)    
    • Must include US Government (.5)
  • Personal Finance   .5
  • Foreign Language* 1.0
  • Physical Education or JROTC 1** 1.0
  • Computer Science 1.0
  • Electives 6.5

*Many colleges/universities require a min of 2.0 credits for Foreign Language
**Must include a health component

JROTC Course List and Descriptions

Course offerings will vary per school. Check with the individual school counselors to verify.

Beaufort County School District has a proud tradition of providing student leadership opportunities through JROTC programs. JROTC is a federal program found in schools across the United States and at US military bases across the world. JROTC instills in high school students the values of citizenship, self-discipline, and leadership skills. JROTC provides elective credits and is open to any high school student who has an interest.

There is no military obligation to participate in JROTC.