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Modified HS Schedule Parameters

Beaufort County School District is committed to providing our students the strongest academic foundation possible to support the needs of our growing and diverse student population. BCSD high schools offer a modified 4X4 schedule, which allows students to access semester and year-long courses.

Under the direction of the school principal, each high school will schedule students utilizing the following parameters: 

  • Individual student achievement data
  • Individual graduation plan (IGP) information
  • Courses that run concurrently with a lab can be scheduled into two 90-minute periods, one each semester
  • Honors (H) will typically be offered in a 90-minute period semester long
  • Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses may be scheduled in single 90-minute semester (1 AP/IB course), paired A/B year-long (2 AP/IB courses), or triple 58-minute year-long courses (3 AP/IB courses) as determined by the principal to be in the best interest of students taking the course
  • Courses with a state End-of-Course exam (EOC) may be scheduled in 58 minute periods year-long if the principal deems that to be in the best interest of students taking the course
  • Elective courses will be scheduled in semester long, 90-minute period
  • Current “quarter” and .5 credit courses will be continued to be linked so that students take both courses over a semester in a 90-minute period
  • If taught on the high school campus, dual enrollment courses will be scheduled in 90 minute periods per semester
  • Majority of courses will be semester long, 90-minute periods

 On the hybrid model, student schedules could reflect the following:

  • Straight 4x4- students will take four courses during 1st semester; and four courses during 2nd semester (90 minute periods – 8 courses total for the year)
  • Combination of year-long and semester- students will take three 58-minute year-long courses and two 90-minute semester courses each semester (seven courses total for the year), or two AB/IB courses in an A/B format with three 90- minute semester courses each semester (eight courses total for the year).