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Grading & Assessment

Uniform Grading Policy

Please review the South Carolina State Board of Education Uniform Policy and the Uniform Grading Policy Administrative Procedures.

Other Grading Policies in the Uniform Grading Policy

  • The criteria for determining honor graduates, to include valedictorian and salutatorian and Top 10, is a local decision.

  • Life Scholarships are determined at the end of the senior year, however, local boards may establish earlier cut-offs (i.e. 7th semester or 3rd 9 weeks of the senior year) for determining a rank for any local purpose.

  • Beaufort County School District will use only the SC Uniform Grading Scale for determining GPA, class rank and local recognition.

  • Using the first day of enrollment as a baseline, students who withdraw from a course

  • With the first day of enrollment in the course as the baseline, students who withdraw from a course within three days in a 45-day course, five days in a 90-day course, or ten days in a 180-day course will do so without penalty.

  • Students who withdraw from a course after the deadline will be assigned a WF (50) and the F will be calculated in the student’s overall grade point average/ratio.

  • The limitations for withdrawing from a course without penalty do not apply to course or course level changes initiated by the administration of a school.