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Grade Point Average (GPA)

The South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale is used to calculate the GPA and class rank for high school students and will apply to all courses carrying Carnegie units, including units earned at the middle/junior high school level. GPA will be figured uniformly in all schools using the following formula. The formula will yield each student’s GPA which can then be ranked from highest to lowest rank in class. Computations will not be rounded to a higher number. All diploma candidates are included in the ranking period.

Final Grade Calculation

Semester grades are determined by a weighted percentage of the two nine-week grades. Each of the two nine-week grades will equal 50% of the semester grade. Any semester or yearly final exams (non-state) will be calculated into the concurrent grading period. A yearly or final grade is determined by averaging the two semester grades unless a state end-of-course test is given, in which case that test is 20% of the final grade and the two semester grades account for 80% of the final grade.

Final Grade Semester Class

  • 50% first nine weeks

  • 50% second nine weeks


Final Grade Semester Class with State EOC

  • 40% first nine weeks

  • 40% second nine weeks

  • 20% State EOC Exam


Final Grade Year Long Class

  • 50% Semester 1

  • 50% Semester 2


Final Grade Year Long Class with State EOC

  • 40% Semester 1

  • 40% Semester 2

  • 20% State EOC Exam

(See IS-44 for further information on exams and testing.)