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Retaking a Course

As noted in the South Carolina State Board of Education  Uniform Policy and the Uniform Grading Policy Administrative Procedures, students in grades nine through twelve may retake a course at the same level of difficulty if they have earned a D or an F in that course. Districts may extend the policy to allow students making any grade to retake any course per local board decision. Retaking the course means that the student completes the entire course again (not a subset of the course such as through credit or content recovery). If the course being retaken has an EOCEP, the EOCEP must be retaken. The student’s transcript will reflect both course instances. Only one course attempt and the highest grade earned for the course will be calculated in the GPA.

A student who has taken a course for a unit of high school credit prior to his or her ninth grade year may retake that course regardless of the grade he or she has earned. A student who retakes a high school credit course from middle school must complete it before the beginning of the second year of high school. A student in grades nine through twelve, must retake a course by the end of the next school year or before the next sequential course (whichever comes first).

In such a case, only the highest grade will be used in figuring the student’s GPA. The student may not retake the course if t he course being replaced has been used as a prerequisite for enrollment in a subsequent course; i.e., a student may not retake Algebra 1 after having earned credit for a higher level mathematics course (Geometry, Algebra 2).