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Curriculum & Instruction

Mapping Our Path to Success for All Learners!

Curriculum maps are valuable planning tools for our teachers across the district, helping them to begin with the end in mind and chart a course for the year. Curriculum Mapping is the structure that involves all educators (including vertical and horizontal teacher study groups) in this ongoing process. The curriculum maps provide the sequence of standards, content, skills, and the time periods for teaching the content. The district’s curriculum map template is based on a combination of two concepts: Heidi Hayes Jacobs’ concept of curriculum mapping from her book, Mapping the Big Picture: Integrating Curriculum & Assessment (1997) and Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe’s backward design model from Understanding by Design (1998).

Beaufort County’s curriculum maps are organized by units of study, months or marking periods and provide a calendar-based overview of the:

  • Enduring understandings and essential questions;
  • Standards-based essential skills and content;
  • Methods of assessment that the teacher and students will be working on throughout the year (e.g., major assignments, projects, performances); and, 
  • Major content resources. 

Rubicon Atlas

Atlas is a Web-based curriculum management tool that electronically incorporates curriculum mapping, tracks gaps and repetition in instruction, addresses the “Why” in performance testing, aligns curriculum to benchmarks and standards, produces updated reports to encourage partnerships, facilitates sharing of ideas and communicating them rapidly across buildings, schools and grades and shares requirements with students.

You can read more about the Rubicon Atlas curriculum on this website.