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Physical and Health Education

Physical Education and Health Education are part of the school experience in Beaufort County Schools. They promote important opportunities for healthy activities and play. Visit the South Carolina Standards for Physical Education and South Carolina Standards for Health and Safety Education websites for more information.

Below are the state approved and adopted materials for Health Education in BCSD. 

High School

Health Science 1

Diversified Health Occupations, 9th edition, 2022: National Geographic/Cengage

Health Science 2

Health Center 21 South Carolina Health Science, 2019: Applied Education Systems

Health Science 3

Anatomy, Physiology, and Disease, 4th Edition 2019: SAVVAS Learning

Health Sciences Clinical Study

Health Center 21 Health Sciences Clinical Study, 2019: Applied Education Systems

Family and Community Health (9-12)

Pearson Health, SAVVAS, 2014

Personal Health and Wellness (9-12)

Glencoe Health, McGraw Hill, LLC, 2014


Elementary and Middle

Health (K-5)


The Great Body Shop, The Children’s Health Market, Inc, 2021

Health (6-8)

Glencoe Teen Health, McGraw Hill, LLC 2021

Proviso 1.48. (SDE: Health Education):
Each district shall publish on its website the title and publisher of all health education materials it has approved, adopted, and used in the classroom.