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A place where district teachers are able to share teaching experiences, anecdotes, insights, teaching strategies, and inspirations. The purpose of the BCSD Teacher Forum is to celebrate the profession of teaching, develop leadership among teachers, provide teachers a collaborative voice in educational issues, and use their professional knowledge and passion to create a positive environment of growth.

2022-23 Teacher of the Year Application

If you are interested in being considering for Teacher of the Year recognition, please fill out a District Teacher of Year application. Your answers will be limited to the character limit as defined in each question. When submitting your essay, the document font style should be Arial or Times New Roman; font size should be 10 point or 12 point. Follow the specifications for maximum length allowed. Each essay input box has a character limit. Any additional pages and/or materials submitted will NOT be presented to the Selection Committee.  Sections may be produced using your word processing system but please adhere to the format established in the application. All questions require an answer, including those in the “Application Information” section. The Selection Committee uses a blind scoring system. Please refrain from referencing your name or your current school by name as those items will need to be redacted. The application package must be submitted NO LATER THAN the close of business on Friday, July 1, 2022 .

Please download a copy of the Teacher of the Year Handbook.

Current and Past Teachers of the Year