BCSD 'College Application Day' provides one-on-one coaching

Post-graduation planning focus of 'College Application Day'
Posted on 10/11/2017
College Applications

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

High school seniors’ post-graduation planning
will be the focus of ‘College Application Day’

BEAUFORT – Beaufort County high school seniors will get one-on-one coaching Friday as they prepare college applications with help from school counselors, parents, community volunteers and representatives of colleges and universities.

“College Application Day,” a joint project of the Beaufort County School District, the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and the South Carolina Department of Education, will provide coaching and advice to students at all of the district’s high schools as they fill out actual college applications on line.  Any senior can participate in the event.

“Applying for college isn’t a simple thing,” said Superintendent Jeff Moss.  “The complexity of the process can be pretty intimidating, so we provide coaches who work with students one on one during the day.”

Students will be assisted as they complete an actual online application either for a specific college, or a generic application with template information for use in applying to any college.

High school counselors, representatives from colleges, the Commission on Higher Education, and community, business and military volunteers will be on hand to provide one-on-one coaching.  In addition, parents are invited to attend with their children and sit with them during the event.

Seniors can wear logo clothing from the colleges they hope to attend, and faculty and staff can wear jerseys from the colleges they attended.