Community Project Review Committee

Magnifying Glass
A committee of Beaufort County residents met ten times between January 2019 and April 2019 to accumulate and discuss information on the school district’s facilities needs in preparation for making recommendations about a possible bond referendum.

Facing challenges of enrollment growth, particularly in the Bluffton area, the school district held bond referendums in 2016 and 2018 that were both rejected by voters.  The Board of Education directed Interim Superintendent Herb Berg to make preparations for a possible bond referendum in November, and Board members plan to decide no later than May whether to hold that referendum.

The Community Project Review Committee’s role was to review information in advance of the Board’s upcoming decision.  The committee, whose members were nominated by Board members and school principals, included parents, business people and retirees.  They were assisted by district staff and aided by outside professionals when needed.  They also visited schools in the Beaufort County School District and other South Carolina districts to learn how they have dealt with challenges similar to those that Beaufort County faces.

Prior to making its recommendations, committee members reviewed:

  • The school district’s Ten-Year Plan and Capital Budget.
  • Student enrollment projections.
  • Facilities assessments for equity, including athletics facilities.
  • Building safety security challenges.
  • Facilities initiatives in other South Carolina school districts.

Minutes of all Project Committee Review Meetings, as well as any presentations viewed by committee members, are archived on this website. 

Community Project Review Committee Executive Summary Final Report

Dr. Berg’s presentation to the Board of Education (includes CPRC final report)