BCSD recognizes 78 seniors for their academic achievement

2018 Senior Scholars
Posted on 04/20/2018
Dr. Moss shakes hands with a student at the senior scholars banquet.

Friday, April 20, 2018

District recognizes 78 high school seniors 
at Senior Scholars banquet Thursday night

BEAUFORT – The Beaufort County School District honored 78 high school seniors for outstanding academic achievement at the 2018 Senior Scholars Banquet.

Senior Scholars have maintained a cumulative 3.5 grade-point average or higher, are ranked in the top 10 percent of their graduating classes and have earned the equivalent of a 3.5 GPA in all quarters of their high school courses.

“These students are bright, they’re capable and they’re hard workers who live up to their tremendous potential,” said Superintendent Jeff Moss.  “Our entire community is proud of them.”

This year’s banquet speaker was Beaufort High School’s Benjamin Kelley, a 2018 Senior Scholar who was born and raised in the Lowcountry.  An Advanced Placement Scholar with Distinction, Kelley is an accomplished artist who also enjoys boxing and mixed martial arts.  He participates in Beaufort High's Spanish National Honor Society, where he devotes many hours to tutoring students.  He also is a member of the school’s Academic World Quest team.  Kelley plans to attending Clemson University's Calhoun Honors College while majoring in Animal and Veterinary Science.

This year’s Senior Scholar banquet honorees were Nathanael Anderson (HHIHS); Jasiah Ballenger (WBECHS); Hannah Barnhardt (BCHS); Fabiana Barrero Castedo (BLHS); Sophie Bellomy (BHS); Sarah Blocker (BHS); Brycen Campbell (BHS); Sarah Cao (BLHS); Lauren Castner (HHIHS); Sydney Conrad (BCHS); Jaclyn Couch (HHIHS); Jordan Crosby (HHIHS); Catherine Coxwell (BHS); Elizabeth Darnell          (HHIHS); Troy Davenport (BHS); Alexandra Davis (BLHS); Kaitlyn Davis (BCHS); and Mia DeBardelaben (BCHS).

Also, William Dengler (HHIHS); Sophia DiSario (MRHS); Maria Esqueda Martinez (BLHS); Chase Faulkner (HHIHS); and Justin Foster (HHIHS); Molly Gates (HHIHS); Michaux Gee (BCHS); Abbigale Gross (HHIHS); Madison Hart (MRHS); Skylar Hayes (BLHS); Christopher Hoogenboom (BHS); Suqi Jiang (HHIHS); Alex Jobst (MRHS); Benjamin Kelley (BHS); Jackie Kim (BHS); Zoe Klauck (BCHS); and Morgan Laird (BHS).

Also, Mitchel Ledbetter (MRHS); Maricarmen Madrid Recinos (MRHS); Ruby Manzanares (MRHS); Hannah Mathis (MRHS); Cassandra Maurer (HHIHS); Brandon McBride (MRHS); Ryan McCormick (BLHS); Kaylia McIntyre (BLHS); Sarah McMullen (BHS); Stephanie Mobley (MRHS); McKenna Morgan (BCHS); Connor Moore (BLHS); Matthew Oliver (HHIHS); Kaitlyn Pangilinan (MRHS); Samantha Parlagreco (HHIHS); Mitt Patel (HHIHS); Amaria Pendleton (WBECHS); Marissa Pethel (BHS); Matthew Porter (MRHS); Kathryn Rathke (BLHS); Elizabeth Rhoads (BLHS); Susan Roberts (BCHS); and Clayton Ruff (BHS).

Also, Julia Schubert (HHIHS); Shelby Scoggins (BCHS); Miyah Shatz (HHIHS); Madison Shropshire (MRHS); Jessica Smith                (MRHS); Kayla Smith (BLHS); Lauren Staff (HHIHS); Destinye Stormer (BCHS); Amanda Taylor (BCHS); Trent Thompson (BCHS); Sophia Topping (HHIHS); Hien Tran     (BCHS); Logan Wake (MRHS); Kelsey Wallace (HHIHS); Madeline Wallin (BLHS); Monique Webley (MRHS); Alyssa Whisel (MRHS); Brooke Wilhelm (BLHS); Jayani Wilkin (MRHS); and Joey Zhou (BLHS).