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Programmatic Choice

If another school outside of your zone has a program that your zoned school does not have, with space available, you can request to attend that school and program. Programmatic Choice is not guaranteed and if approved the student must remain active in the program.

Open Enrollment for
Choice Options
is February 1 – February 28.
For questions, please email Yanina Sarli Rotti (Garrastegui), Student Services Specialist or call (843) 322-2420 or fax (843) 322-2359.

Non-Programmatic Choice

Includes Senior Status, moving from Majority to Minority, and as a sibling of a student approved for a program at the same school. These options are not guaranteed and are dependent on whether space is available.

Employee Courtesy

Students of fulltime employees of Beaufort County School District (must be the students’ parent or documented legal guardian)

Employee Courtesy Choice Application

Special Circumstances

Situations such as health hardship or other similar issues

For questions about the Special Circumstances Application Process, please email Yanina Sarli Rotti (Garrastegui), Student Services Specialist, or call (843) 322-2420 or fax (843) 322-2359.