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BCSD athletic programs are integral to the physical education curriculum and the total school program. The opinion is well established in education circles that the only justification for interscholastic athletics is its contribution to educational and physical objectives. Its purpose is to meet the needs and interests of students who possess varying degrees of exceptional athletic ability. The goals of interscholastic athletics should interface fitness, mental health, social-moral character, and sportsmanship. We believe that school personnel should make concentrated efforts to capitalize effectively on the wholesome values of interscholastic athletic competition.

For more information, please email Coach Carlos Cave, CMAA, RIAA. 

Charter School, Home School and Governor's School Student Participation in Extracurricular Activities

Two new laws concerning participation in District activities were recently passed and signed into law by the Governor that allow charter school, home school, and governor's school students to try out for and, if selected, participate in extracurricular activities at their residence-zoned school. Our efforts are to support this new law and in doing so, we want to ensure a seamless transition into our programs at our schools. 

Extracurricular activities in our schools are defined as those activities sponsored solely by the resident school, carry no academic credit, do not fall within the scope of the regular curriculum, and have no requirement for enrollment in a class during the regular academic day at the resident school.

To participate in an activity, students will be asked to complete the application packet found in the 2022-23 Charter/Homeschool Interscholastic Parent Handbook and abide by the established policies.