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Athletic Parent Handbook and Athletic Guidelines


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It is the philosophy of the Beaufort County School District that a well-administered and comprehensive athletic program is essential to young people's overall development. A well-designed program features a wide variety of opportunities to meet the needs of a diverse student population, provide well-prepared and student-oriented coaches and advisors, and articulated expectations and regulations regarding participation. Defined roles for students and parents are essential to assuring that programs are operated for the benefit of students and serve as a source of pride for the schools and community.

The Athletic Guidelines aims to provide students, parents, and the community with a resource for answering questions about the athletic programs of Beaufort County School District.

Download the 2024-25 Athletic Parent Handbook and Athletic Guidelines

How to Interpret the Guidelines

The Guidelines are divided into sections according to policies and procedures. Sections are provided for students and parents. In some cases, policies and procedures may be presented in multiple sections.