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Student Code of Conduct

Beaufort County School District is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of all students in a safe learning environment. The Student Code of Conduct handbook provides specific information regarding expectations for students, as well as consequences for violating policies set forth in this document. It describes the District's expectations for student attendance, respect for other's person and property, appropriate dress, technology usage, student publications, student activities, student records, and the right to appeal grievances procedures.

Students and parents are required to sign a statement indicating they have received a copy of the booklet. Please review all information in the handbook carefully and discuss consequences of violating the rules with your child.

Education is too important to be the sole responsibility of schools. The success of our schools relies upon a combined effort between home, school and community. We need your support to succeed. When you think we are right, support us at home. When you think we are wrong, please come to the school to discuss your concerns with us. By working together, we can achieve the goal all of us want – a safe learning environment for all.