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Mental Health Support

According to the latest research, one in five students living in the U.S. demonstrates sign or symptoms of mental health disorder. However, nearly 80% of students who need mental health services will not receive them.

The Beaufort County School District is committed to the wellness of all students by providing a learning environment, as well as the necessary mental health supports to achieve positive student outcomes. The district and our many partners are here to provide supportive services to students and families who need assistance for any reason during the school day. If your child is displaying symptoms of depression, anxiety, or anger; is frequently suspended or cited for infractions; displays oppositional behavior; doesn't attend classes or skips school, shows low motivation and self-esteem; or has suicidal ideation or talks about suicide, we can help.

The Beaufort County School District utilizes school psychologists, school counselors, school social workers, and behavior management specialists to offer student support based on their individual needs.

Contact your school social worker or school counselor. You will be asked to sign a consent form to allow your student to participate in the program. Upon receipt of parental consent, the school social worker or school counselor will contact the designated mental health provider. The provider will then contact the parent/guardian to schedule an initial appointment to complete the intake process. Once the intake process is complete, the provider, and school staff will collaborate to determine the best time for sessions to occur at school.

Our Partners

The district has partnered with:

If you are concerned about your child’s mental health or notice visible changes in their behavior but do not believe they are at immediate or imminent risk, please contact your school social worker or school counselor for assistance. 

If your child is having an immediate mental health emergency, call 911 or the Beaufort County Mental Health Mobile Crisis Hotline 843-364-2274.

How Can I Help My Child?

Like physical health, positive mental health promotes success in life. Recognizing the signs or symptoms that indicate your student may be in crisis is an important first step in providing a child the help they need.

If our child demonstrates any of these behaviors or patterns, reach out to a mental health specialist:

  • Rapid mood swings;
  • Isolative behaviors and/or socially withdrawn;
  • Lacks motivation:
  • Complains of panic attacks;
  • Has unusual feelings of fear, anxiety and/or worry:
  • Is unusually restless and irritable;
  • Becomes violent;
  • Is in a constant state of physical exhaustion; 
  • Inflicts self-harm (cutting) or talks about harming themselves or others; and/or,
  • Talks about suicidal ideations* or attempts suicide.

*Not all discussions about suicide indicate an intention to harm oneself (or others).

Community Resources

Visit the Beaufort County Collaborative Organization of Services for Youth (COSY) website or call 843-473-5051. Any child residing in Beaufort County between the ages of birth and 21 who is need of or receiving therapeutic treatment, can receive COSY coordinated assistance. The COSY Service Planning Team, which consists of state agency partners and direct service providers, meets with families weekly to develop coordinated treatment plans on behalf of Beaufort County children. In addition to improved service to the child and family, cost sharing, maximizing the use of resources and improved interagency cooperation are all benefits of the COSY process.

The South Carolina Department of Mental Health's Mobile Crisis Team is a available 24/7. Call Mobile Crisis Access at 833-364-2274 or email:

Beaufort Jasper Comprehensive Health Center can be reached at 843-987-7400.

Hopeful Horizons can be reached at 843-770-1070.

More information and resources can be found on the Parent & Student Resources webpage.