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Exercise & Yoga


Check out these fun Animal Exercises for Kids - they're easy enough for toddlers, too! 

Elementary & Middle

This might seem a bit old-school and ridiculously cheesy but Kids Workout with Paul will keep you entertained!

Maurice takes you through a beginning workout for kids all all ages, including adults! This workout is fun and healthy.

Only have 20 minutes to spare? Check out this 20-minute Workout for Kids

High School

Nathan Bower offers up a 20-20 Fitness Challenge.

YOGA for Elementary & Middle

A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure presents Moana and Star Wars (The Force Awakens) 

Yoga for Stress Relief is a 20-minute yoga class for teens.

Five-minute miracle, Yoga for Sleep, will help you ease into bedtime.

The Blissful Yin Yoga Experience will help relieve stress and Anxiety.